Jul 11

Welcome to Phaedra-Borzoi.com

home-borzoiAs early as 1967, the Kubiak family has owned Borzoi. It is out of this early introduction by my parents, Charles and Vivian and my sister, Frances Kubiak, that my lifelong adoration and dedication to The Borzoi springs from. I am Carol Kubiak-Zamora, and along with my daughter Natalie, husband George, and professional partner, Dr Kevin T Shimel, DVM, I would like to welcome you to the home of Phaedra Borzoi.

The foundation of todays Phaedra comes from a bitch I brought to New Jersey from California in 1978, Rancho Gabriel Chattanooga (Chatty). Chatty was bred by Lyle and Phydelma Gillette and was equally as tightly bred on the old USA Rancho Gabriel Center Line as the imported Van Borjoschka European bloodline. Chatty was an avid courser and an even better producer. She lived a long happy life. Almost all of our dogs go back to her!

After nearly 30 years of friendship and mutual support, in and out of the ring, Kevin Shimel and I are professionally partnered in Phaedra. Dr Shimel, an AKC Approved Judge, has been involved in Borzoi and other purebred dogs since 1977. He is a practicing Emergency Veterinarian, Photographer, World Traveler and Speaker and has Judged Borzoi and other breeds in the USA and Internationally.

Together, we are intent on bringing our years of experience and veterinary expertise in breeding, training, grooming, conditioning and showing success, as well as our multicultural outlook on life, to maintain Phaedra Borzoi as a source for healthy, long lived, sound, all around hounds, with genetic variation, AND consistency in temperament and movement for our enjoyment.

We are very proud of our portfolio of international pedigrees and accolades. Please do have a look at our dogs, past and present, imports and exports, young and old! We welcome your correspondence in any language!